Allworx makes it effortless to communicate. All our systems are designed and manufactured with primary attention on Innovation, Value, Reliability, Customer Focus and Quality. The result is that rare and unique combination of products that meets your needs today and tomorrow, works every day without interruption, has capabilities beyond others, lasts for generations and provides cost savings from the very first day.

Allworx Software Options:

  • Advanced Multi-site
    • – Connect multiple locations
    • – Global directory and Voicemail
    • – Transfer and receive calls from anywhere
    • – Visual handset status from remote locations
    • – Disaster recovery, automatic failover
  • Automatic Call Distribution™
    • – Multiple call distribution options including Linear Priority, Round Robin, Longest Idle, and Ring All
    • – Agent Login from any phone for flexibility
    • – Remote Allworx users can be agents
    • – Supervisor management of queues and agents
    • – Comprehensive Reports
  • Call Assistant
    • – PC-based attendant console
    • – “Drag-and-drop” call processing
    • – Displays incoming and outgoing calls, outside lines, phone status for all users
    • – Record any call with the click of a mouse
  • Reach™ SIP Mobile Phone Client
    • – Make and receive calls from anywhere with iOS or Android
    • – Use Wi-Fi or cellular data
    • – Manage, send, reply, and forward voicemails
  • Conference Center
    • – Secure conferencing – ID and password protection
    • – Centralized scheduling and moderation of calls
    • – Full administrative view of users and conferences
    • – Ability to create recurring conference calls

Allworks Connect

VoIP communication platform for the future
The new Allworx Connect systems take the battle-tested reliability Allworx to a new level of performance. The Connect family comes in five models that can easily scale to meet your business needs. So whether you have a few employees in a single location or hundreds of employees across multiple locations, Allworx Connect packs in enterprise-grade business phone features in an affordable package.

Connect Systems:

Connect 320 and 324 ideal for up to 20 users
Connect 530 and 536 ideal for up to 50 users
Connect 731 ideal for up to 180 users

Allworx Reach™ and Allworx Reach Link™

iPad_iPhone5 (1)

Allworx Reach brings the rich functionality of your Allworx phone system to iOS and Android devices. Allworx Reach Link keeps your active calls connected as you move across Wi-Fi and mobile data networks.

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