Voice and Data Cabling

Whether you are looking to have cat5e, cat6, or multi-mode fiber, your building(s) need special attention when it comes to laying out and deploying a network solution. How your cabling needs are handled is outlined through standards and breaking your network down into smaller pieces. This allows for a more “structured” deployment for your solution and allows you to service pieces individually as problems crop up or upgrades are needed.

When we setup your structured cabling system we’ll typically handle the following “pieces” for your network:

Bringing in the Utilities

We’ll help you handle the acquisition and installation of your phone and internet solutions. Where they come into the building will be the first step to hooking everything up. Our process will make sure you identify every service you might need so you don’t end up paying too much or not having enough bandwidth to handle your needs.

Setting up the Deployment Rooms

Once we have the utilities coming into the building we will setup the rooms that house all the equipment that handles your network and phone services. This is where the standards come in play, making sure you have the best deployment for your situation (school, office, apartment complex, etc.) You’ll typically have a central patch panel which allows you to deploy the cabling more specifically to each station.

structured_mainRunning the Cables

Most of the time we actually don’t have to run. All kidding aside, we make sure that we abide by the same principles as our smaller data cabling offerings. All your cables will be be properly marked, tested and hidden (where needed) to ensure the optimal network performance and infrastructure.

Hooking it all Up

Once we have the structured cabling installation complete we’ll switch into our “Smart Hands” mode and hookup your workstations. Everything will be tested for compliance and performance before we leave the site. You’ll now be able to use your brand new network that was professionally deployed by Evolving Technologies, LLC.

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