In-Plant Fiber Optic Cabling

When long distance uplinks are required, Fiber Optic Cabling is a great option to ensure that you have a reliable network connection and adequate bandwidth. We will install, terminate and test the fiber to make sure it meets industry standards and best practices. The experience we’ve gained from installs has given us a set of best practice guidelines that help ensure your installation is up to par.

Fiber Optic Cabling Best Practices

Over the years we’ve tweaked and continue to tweak the following list of best practices that are put in place at every job site:

  • Proper Labeling: Labeled at both ends.
  • Wired to Spec: We don’t cut any corners and meet all industry specifications.
  • Racking and Patch Panels: Used in the Server room for better cable management.
  • Complete Testing: All cables are tested to ensure performance.
  • Layout Diagram: Complete diagram showing workstations, cables, server, etc.

So again, whether it’s a small job or a big one, contact us today so we can help layout your next cable project.

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