Refurbished Telephone Systems

Sometimes a brand new telephone system can be cost prohibitive for your business. Yet, you still sit there knowing you need a full solution so you can run your business as efficiently as possible. That’s why we offer popular brand name equipment in a refurbished state. These refurbished telephone systems still carry warranties and are certified to work like brand new equipment would. Sure you might be getting technology that is a little older, but with so many systems increasingly becoming more software based, you’ll get a great product.

Well-Known, Reliable Brands

We don’t have every phone system we offer in a refurbished state, but the ones we do are brands that you’ll recognize as industry leaders. This way you’ll get a reliable product and a warranty to go with it.

  • NEC: Powerful small business solutions.
  • Toshiba: Supporting business transition to the IP world.
  • Nortel: Familiar brand and solutions for all business sizes.
  • 3Com: Offering NBX100, V3000 and V5000. Equipment stocked locally.
  • ATT/Avaya Partner Systems: More solutions from a name you know.
  • 3Com
  • NBX100
  • V5000 & V3000

What’s In Stock?

Our stock of refurbished telephone systems changes dynamically as we get product in and deploy product in the field. If you’d like to know if we have a refurbished solution that fits your business needs, please contact us today. We may even be able to help make sure what you have chosen is the ideal fit for you.

We stock inventory and can provide phone licenses for you. Since 1999, our experts have sold and serviced telephone systems, so you can rely on our expertise to deliver the solutions you need.

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