Jabra and Plantronics

We’re pleased to offer a wide range of Jabra headsets for your new or existing telephone system. If you require a wireless option, most newer phones can be connected to a Plantronics wireless or bluetooth headset allowing you more range around your desk or office.

Headsets for Contact Centers

We can’t think of a tougher environment for headsets to exist in than a call center. The immense amount of phone calls and the always open hours can really do a number on your headsets. Jabra offers a complete line of corded and wireless headsets specifically designed for the rigors of daily call center use. The materials are durable and designed for heave use. Of course, no call center solution would be complete without the latest in noise cancelling technology. With a Jabra headset your customers will enjoy a clear and understandable conversation no matter the noise level.

Headsets for the Office

It may seem trivial, but one of the most influential items to increase employee productivity and satisfaction is providing them with an advanced headset solution. With a corded solution, your deskbound employees are more comfortable with a more ergonomic flow to their workday. But, if you have employees who have to be constantly moving to check files or find someone in the office, a wireless solution might be ideal for them. With a wireless headset you’ll also get fewer missed calls which directly impacts customer satisfaction and ultimately your bottom line. Plus, think of the multi-tasking opportunities that abound.

Whatever your unique business needs are, wired, wireless and bluetooth headsets from Jabra can increase employee productivity, satisfaction and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about what solutions are the right fit for your environment.

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