NEC Phone Systems

With an NEC Hybrid Phone System, you get a full featured VoIP phone system with legacy support for traditional digital phones.

SL-1100061-Digital-12Button-Black-TelephoneNEC SL1100 Phone System

The NEC SL1100 is an entry level phone system designed for business use.

Flexible- Supports Digital and Analog Handsets

Multiple Sizes- 12 and 24-button handsets available

Built-In Voicemail- No external voicemail server required

Download the NEC SL1100 Brochure



DT820_ITY-8LDX-empty-displayl-1NEC SV9100 Phone System

The NEC SV9100 is built to scale with your business no matter how large you get.  Supports up to 800 users per site.

Label free design– No need to update labels when you make changes

Built with the future in mind


Download the NEC SV9100 Brochure

Hybrid phone systems combine the power of your traditional analog/digital systems and that of VoIP. Sometimes you cannot commit your full system to an internet-only solution, but you crave the advanced feature set those phones and systems include. A hybrid system allows you to add advanced functionality but also maintain the reliability you are used to. You can save money too by only installing advanced phones where they are needed.



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