Valcom provides us with solutions for public address and communication systems. It doesn’t matter which particular niche you are in, Valcom most likely has a solution for you.

Public Address Systems

From offices, factories and warehouses to large retail locations or education facilities, Valcom can provide you with a solution that works. Communication on a large scale is important, not just for the normal announcements you might make but also to disclose emergency situations on a large scale. These systems have to be reliable and affordable and Valcom allows us to achieve that for you.

School Clocks and Paging Systems

When you need to get more specific in your deployment. Valcom’s paging system takes the technology of a public address system but lets you break it down by zones. This allows you to target your communications where they are needed most and at the same time not needed at all. You’ll still maintain an emergency override to activate all zones in case it is needed. On top of that, Valcom also offers a complete solution for schools who need clock management for periods synced across multiple areas.

Background Music and White Noise

If you need to offer a background music solution or auditory signals for your employees or customers, Valcom probably has an ideal solution for you. You can add on virtually any stereo music device to the system and take advantage of targeted background music. You’ll be able to expand with various speaker solutions that are optimized to work with your Valcom solution. And you’ll be able to provide music for customers that are on hold or create looping messages for areas that need them.

Whatever you may need for your business, Valcom provides a wide range of solutions in the public address system market and at Evolving Technologies, we’ll be glad to sit down with you and show you how a solution from Valcom works for you.

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