VoIP Telephone Systems

If your business needs advanced connectivity, especially from multiple locations around the state, country or world, a VoIP Telephone System might be the ideal solution for you. VoIP phones utilize the power of the internet to connect you wherever an internet connection can be accessed. Because these phones operate over the internet, you don’t and additional private branch exchange (PBX) system for your office. This can save you substantially in upfront costs.

The Features are Endless

One of the biggest advantages our clients tell us about is the VoIP telephone system features. Since the phones are internet based and highly software oriented, the availability of cutting edge features is more widespread. It’s not to say the current digital phones available in a hybrid telephone system aren’t great, it’s just that when you communicate over the internet you have more flexibility than a phone line. And, since it is internet based, you usually get new features that can download to your phone when they are available.

Truly Connect From Anywhere (with an Internet Connection)

Do you have a key employee in another country? What about a salesperson who travels from site to site? With a VoIP telephone, you can stay connected like they are in the next office over from you. Since your communications effectively use the internet as your PBX instead of a local box, you have limitless flexibility. You can literally have an employee in England, and if they have a VoIP phone from your system, you can contact them like it’s a local number.

VoIP phones provide you with unprecedented feature sets and flexibility, but their reliance on the internet makes them not an ideal solution for every office. You may consider a hybrid solution or a fully VoIP system, but before you choose, make sure to contact us for a complimentary consult.

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